President's welcome

Manuel arias rodríguez

Como Presidente de la Association for the Integral Rural Development of the Salamanca Mountain Ranges, ADRISS, es para mí una satisfacción darte la bienvenida a nuestra página Web.

Here we want to make known the territory of the Mountain Ranges of the South of Salamanca, the experiences of our people, our projects and the work we do for the development of our region.

A través de las siguientes líneas, como Presidente de la Asociación para el Desarrollo Rural Integral de las Sierras de Salamanca (ADRISS), según Asamblea General de 20 de diciembre de 2019, quiero agradecer a todas y cada una de las personas la confianza que depositáis en nosotros.

From ADRISS, as a Rural Development Group, we work as dynamisers of the Salamanca Mountain Ranges and, through the Leader funds and many other projects that we are joining, we work for an endogenous and sustainable development of the territory.

 We are committed to the principles of the Bejar and France Mountain Ranges Biosphere Reserve, which includes our territory. For this reason, we pay all our attention to ensure that the development of our villages revolves around the respect and preservation of the environment.

We take care of the natural, historical and cultural heritage, we ensure that customs and traditions are not lost and, above all, that this is the main attraction for tourism in our area.

We believe in gender equality and we get involved in projects that demonstrate this. Because fighting against depopulation, keeping young people in the territory and mobilising job creation is our main objective.

And we will continue to fight for employment and entrepreneurship, with a social and environmental focus, to be the axis around which our actions revolve, because we know that there is no better alternative for rural development. Only employment and self-employment will enable rural inhabitants and entrepreneurs to continue revitalising our mountain ranges. They are the real protagonists of the economic and social development of our territory.

So, we encourage you to continue browsing our website and discover the wonders hidden in our land and its municipalities, grants and subsidies, services we offer ... and, of course, contact us, our technical team will help you in everything in their power.

"The Salamanca Mountain Ranges is one of those privileged places that you have to visit at least once in your life".