Projects 2021/2022

Over the last year we have worked on several projects within each of our areas of activity

Always pursuing the objective of promoting the endogenous development of our region, strengthening the territory in a social, economic and sustainable way.


  • Collaboration with the Tourism Sustainability Plan of the "Bejar Mountain Rates" Silver Route Community of Municipalities.
  • "Salamanca Mountain Rates" magazine.
  • Participation in fairs: Gustoko, BTL, Salamaq, Naturcyl, PRESURA.
  • Promoción de la marca de Sierras de Salamanca.
  • Colaboración en marca de cestería de Montemayor del Río y fomento de la catañicultura.
  • Promotion of the MTB network.
  • Promotion of the Ruta de la Plata Consortium.


  • Seminar 12 January:
    • Launch of inspirational video on good business practices.
    • Information on the ADRISS Plan for the Improvement of Women's Employability.
  • Start of advisory services for women's employability and technical recruitment.
  • Call for proposals for the Estrategia Mujer Rural Emprendedora (Rural Women Entrepreneur Strategy): creation of training itineraries, promotion of self-employment, training and employment, etc.
  • Commissioning of the women's employment resources website.


  • Work on the commitment to digitalisation with companies that participated in the diagnosis of needs in 2020.
  • Collaborations with DHI Leaf.
  • Implementation of the COWOCYL regional cooperation file, to promote the "Network of Mountain Teleworking Spaces".
  • Collaboration with the digital centre of Sotoserrano.

Revitalising the Mountains

  • Reception of new settlers.
  • website update
  • Update of the land bank, housing and new settlers.
  • Contratación Agente de empleo y desarrollo para nuevas actuaciones.
  • Presentation talks by villages.
  • Support for the Celtic Fringe.


  • Collaboration with companies and institutions in obtaining the seal in the CO2 Footprint Register.
  • Promotion of the Aula del Alagón in Linares de Riofrío.
  • Nature photography exhibition of "Sierras Inéditas" and "Acogedoras Sombras" in different villages.
  • Start-up of the "Tierra de Árboles" programme in Fuenterroble de Salvatierra.
  • Calls from the Biodiversity Foundation for grants for large transformational projects of a scientific-technical nature for the promotion of the bioeconomy and the contribution to the ecological transition, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan 2021, in which we have presented two projects with entities such as ITACYL, USAL, ASAJA, Bierzo Fruit Growers Association, CIUDEN, Basque Culinary Center, Bioeconomy Centre of Aragon, etc.
  • Creation of a collaboration service with a CRA in the area.

Salamanca Provincial Council

  • Collaboration agreement, provincial cooperation with Local Action Groups (LAGs) and individual projects in the area.
  • Other collaborations.


  • Implementation of different actions to promote entrepreneurship, working in a transversal way in the rest of the actions.
  • Start-up of the National Cooperation File with TEDER Estella (Navarra), Super Marker for the promotion of entrepreneurship, with the game among schoolchildren in the area.


  • Collaborations with different groups and entities such as Diputación de Salamanca, JCYL, USAL, Lorenzo Milani, COCEDER, Ruta del Vino de la Sierra de Francia, Asociación de empresarios Sierras de Béjar, Red Arrayan, Asociación Cultural El Tejado, Asociación de Municipios del Alto Tormes, Reserva de la Biosfera, Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre, Casa del Parque Batuecas-Sierra de Francia, artisans of the Mountains...