Revitalising Salamanca Mountain Ranges | ADRISS

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Revitalising Salamanca Mountain Ranges es un proyecto gestionado por ADRISS para apoyar y acompañar a personas y familias interesadas en desarrollar sus proyectos de vida en los pueblos de nuestra zona, facilitándoles herramientas para esa transición.

Participating in the project means being part of training activities and accompaniment of these projects, to have access to the information collected in the land bank, connect with the local initiatives and attend the meetings that are organised. Means being informed about funding lines and subsidies, have access to the resource guide of the different populations in areas such as education, health, culture, etc.

You can also collaborate if you are the owner of a house, property or business in disuse and you want to enhance its value so that a family or a business project can be established there by renting, transferring or selling it.

Entra en la web para inscribirte y participar. Entre todos vamos a revitalizar los pueblos de las Sierras de Salamanca.

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